Maica Lake

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Maica Lake is an ecosystem in the midst of the Amazon with incredible biodiversity, it is also home to an incredible natural fish nursery. Especially in the early morning or late afternoon, the landscape is pure and calm, the flora and fauna of the environment makes it a wonderful place for a tour. The Maica Lake is, without a doubt, the best place in the region to fish, observe reptiles and marvel at a multitude of birds, including herons, toucans, macaws, parrots and more.


Selvagem Tours provides the best Tours for cruise ships in the Amazon, will take you to this paradise, on an unforgettable adventure! We will leave Alter do Chao, sailing on the Tapajos River towards the north and we will pass by Piranhas Lake, make our first stop at Cururu beach, we will enjoy Moça beach and make a short stop at the Crocodile Lake which is home to turtles and alligators. We will continue to the Rock tips beach, where we will stop for a swim and also enjoy some snacks, then proceed to the Tapari Lake.

We will continue our adventure by having lunch at the Saulo`s House, which is a reference in relation to regional restaurants due to its structure, organization and, mainly, the taste it offers visitors.

After lunch, we continue seeing the beaches and beauties until Santarem and, suddenly, surprise!!! The motorboat or boat that we are on will be positioned exactly on top of the famous Meeting of the Waters in Santarem. We will appreciate the beauty of the place, observe the city of Santarem, maybe witness porpoises (which are the freshwater dolphins, in pink and gray colors) swimming side by side.

Then, for a few more kilometers ahead of the meeting of the waters, we enter the fascinating Maica Lake, where you will certainly have a peculiar moment in your life, with a chance to observe alligators on the riverside, iguanas climbing trees, birds, monkeys, sloth in addition to the flora of the region that gives an artistic touch to the landscape of the place.

We will return to Alter do Chao, witnessing a beautiful sunset directly on the horizon in front of our vessel.


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Due to the natural change in the water level, attractions and locations may be altered, always maintaining the quality and standard of all tours.

We can customize this adventure to your taste, need or number of days. To guarantee your place on the vessel, make your reservation (s) in advance.


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