Amorim Tapajos

Privet Tours in Santarem and Alter do Chao on comfortable and secure boats. All ways a courteous and discreet crew at your disposal.


Amorim Tapajos is another fantastic wealth of the Tapajos River, which very few people, even people from Alter do Chao itself knows, even less tourists … For this reason, Selvagem Tours created the exclusive and magical tour for Amorim. We talk about it with enthusiasm because it is very good to be able to offer you this unique experience.

Privet Tours in Santarem and Alter do Chao

We started our privet Tours in Santarem and Alter do Chao “Amorim Tapajos tour” from Alter do Chao, southbound, enjoying the view of the Muret Lake and beach, passing by the Jurucuri Lake, learning about the historic Pindobal beach, enjoying and stopping at the beautiful beaches of Cajutuba to take some really cool pictures and a refreshing swim. Continuing, we go to the inlets of Santo Domingo and Maguari, where we will make a stop, and then we will reach the stream of crystalline waters of FLONA – Jamaraqua. Here, we will have a delicious picnic of fresh fruits with watermelon, pineapple, banana, passion fruit, orange, apple and coconut. Now you are hydrated and prepared for what lies ahead.

Crossing the vast Tapajos River, comes the best part of this adventure. We enter the Amorim cove and, you see, describing it would be very daring on our part, but we are sure that you will fall in love with the place. After all, whenever we have the opportunity to go there it is very pleasant! We will sail in crystal clear water to a place called Cabeceira do Amorim where we will change to a smaller vessel of the local natives, due to the low water level and narrow channels. The emotion will be more intense, believe me.

Here our adventure will take on a Wild dimension… We will pass by beautiful Igapos (flooded forest), small remote communities, and going up the Amorim stream. For several kilometers, we will have a lot of adrenaline, having to avoid numerous obstacles such as tree trunks, dense forests that often pass centimeters from our heads (whew!), extremely sharp curves and sometimes encountering other vessels where only one can pass each time. Let there be heart!

The return is a replay of the ascent with the detail that we will be in favor of the current and increasing the speed, the adrenaline and the level of emotion will increase considerably (if you want to see what we are talking about, take a look at the section of wild videos ). We will then return to Alter do Chao with a big smile of relief on our lips and a delicious feeling of victory in our hearts.


We provide the most rewarding Privet Tours in Santarem and Alter do Chao…

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We highly recommend making your reservations in advance, as our tours are EXCLUSIVE and of a high demand.

Information about Privet Tours in Santarem and Alter do Chao

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In all our tours we offer free of charge for your comfort and well-being:

Tour guide, beach service, water, ice, fresh fruit and beer “on the speed boats”, caipirinhas Brazilian drinks” on the wooden boats”.



Due to the natural change in the water level, attractions and locations may be altered, always maintaining the quality and standard of all tours.

We can customize this adventure to your taste, need or number of days. To guarantee your place on the vessel, make your reservation (s) in advance.


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