ECO Tapajós

Indigenous tours in Santarem and Alter do Chao. ECO Tapajós is community-based tourism, contact with nature and cultural experience.


ECO Tapajos “Indigenous tours in Santarem and Alter do Chao” is a complete experience involving knowledge, application of self-sustainable elements, contact with nature, socialization in communities and cultural experience. in communities and cultural experience.

Our proposal is to make you feel, in a day or two, how the integration between these factors favors development in the Amazon. Our company understands that eco-social tourism is of paramount importance and for this reason, we take the initiative to offer you this experience. In this exciting journey, we have gathered a comprehensive view of the factors necessary for the evolution of human beings to happen in complete harmony with the environment. Welcome to ECO Tapajos!

We leave Alter do Chão, crossing the river, entering the cove that gives access to the community of Anuma and we will take a *** jerico (a kind of wagon pulled by a tractor, an unusual experience, which will cheer you up) starting your tour to the community of Carao, bound to the Experimental Forest Center (CEFA), one of the many aspects of the “Project Saude & Alegria”, which has been developing various activities for 7 years, of which you will be part of some of them.

We will learn more about the training courses, we will see animal breeding, we will participate in the process in the cultivation of seedlings and we will also learn about the development and implementation of technologies, which aim at minimum environmental impact. In addition to this knowledge bath, your tour will be in an area built and planned to make the most of everything that is necessary to maintain balance with nature. A great opportunity to take back with you new ideas and knowledge to put into practice on a daily basis.

Your guides are qualified professionals from the center, a team composed with very knowledgeable people, who will show you the production of bio fertilizer, evapotranspiration basin and banana circle (which use the water used in sinks and toilets), the beekeeping that we can see live how a beehive works inside, the vegetable garden (which meets the needs of the center and it will be our playground later), and also the water tanks used for irrigation, which are filled by rainwater harvesting. We also will see a chicken coop, fish tanks with fish up to 25 kg. We will visit a bioconstruction house, as an example of their work. Each of these items will be presented in detail during the visit.

Our fun will be participating in one of the main activities of CEFA, which is the seedling nursery, which, just like in the garden, visitors take part in the process, learning about the growing stages while actively participating in the growing, sowing, substrate preparation, root pruning, plant conditioning, planting and harvesting. You will even want to have one at home, right? Now you know how to do it! Let’s have lunch? ****

After enjoying a free-range chicken or maybe fresh fish, we can rest in that delicious hammock in the middle of nature, feeling the atmosphere of the forest before continue our tour. How about a dip now? We are going to visit the same stream at two different points: a lower one, a real film set, with crystal clear waters. At the other, higher point, we will see a small dam that was previously used as a hydroelectric and that can also be used for a refreshing bath.

After combining knowledge with practice, we can better understand how CEFA influences the development of communities. You can then end the tour by returning directly to Alter do Chão. But, if there was an inner desire to have one more day in the community, observing customs, practices, craft activities and rituals, we offer you an Amplified Experience in the community of Vista Alegre. Want to know more? Come with us!

Amplified Experience 2 days

Amplifying by definition means increasing the volume, the extension, the intensity. That’s exactly what Selvagem Tours prepared for you on this extra day – the opportunity to be among people and learn in the most natural way possible.

For this, you have two very interesting options: go through a trail of approximately 10km, enjoying the view of the savanna at first, passing through a spring and then entering a very pleasant trail, surrounded by trees and life. On the way, we will pass a stream of crystal-clear waters, worth a swim. The other option is to go by boat with comfort and convenience, observing the contour of the bank.

We’re here! The community of Vista Alegre usually makes a very lively reception for visitors, where we will have initial contact with the local culture, leaders and the native people. As we will arrive at the beginning of the night, we can feel the emotion of witnessing a ceremony, which involves a whole symbolism in the performance, translating the traditions of the community, ******* the Ritual of Fire. After this incredible presentation you can sleep in our comfortable boat free of charge or you can have the experience of sleeping in the ******** home of one of the community members.

The day comes with that good smell of adventure, as we will continue after the ********* breakfast, taking advantage of the mild climate to enjoy a very nice ********** trail, until we reach the stream, having the option of making the way back in a canoe. Upon returning, you can get to know a presentation at the *********** flour house, as well as local crafts and activities such as graphics, which is a type of temporary tattoo, made with natural resins, which shows a little more of indigenous art.

After the ************* lunch, we will return to Alte do Chao, marking a stop at Mureta beach to see a fabulous sunset and enjoy the Tapajos river.


Indigenous tours in Santarem and Alter do Chao

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Due to the natural change in the water level, attractions and locations may be altered, always maintaining the quality and standard of all tours.

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*** CEFA Round trip transportation R$ 15.00 Per person minimum 6 people

**** CEFA Lunch R$ 45.00 per person

***** CEFA Overnight R$ 40.00 per person

****** CEFA Breakfast R$ 15.00 per person

******* Ritual of fire R$ 400.00

******** House of one of the community members R$ 50.00 each 2 people

********** Guide Trail R $ 50.00 groups of 5 people + R$ 50.00 reais the pair in the canoe for return (optional)

*********** Casa da Flour R$ 150 with presentation of delicacies.

************ Breakfast: R$ 6.00 per person.

************* Lunch: R$ 30.00 per person, typical food, free range chicken, fish, etc…


Indigenous tours in Santarem and Alter do Chao