Fordlandia is a fantastic tour going up the Tapajos River experiencing all the attractions until Fordlandia. 5 days of pleasure and emotions.


When you visit Alter do Chao, there is an incomparable opportunity to discover, through Selvagem Tours, an exciting story in the Amazon jungle between Brazilian and American cultures. What, at first, had the proposal to integrate and develop the region had an outcome marked by revolt, hundreds of deaths, disillusionment and the relentless American oppression in an agro industrial project between the years 1927 and 1945, later abandoned. Henry Ford intended to use Fordlandia to supply his latex company, a necessary item for making tires for his automobiles. After failing countless times, Ford still tried to relocate the plantations in Belterra. As of 1945, new technologies made it possible to manufacture tires from petroleum product, which made the enterprise a total disaster.


Selvagem Tours spent months visiting all locations between Alter do Chao and Fordlandia, making a thorough survey to personalize this exclusive tour, in order to involve this story with the best of these locations.

First day

We will sail southwards, going up the Tapajos River, at a pleasant cruise speed admiring the Muretá Lake and Beach, enjoying the Jurucuri Lake and learning about the historic Pindobal beach, enjoying the beautiful beaches of CajutubaAramanaí , Santo Domingo and Maguari, with our first stop at the charming stream of crystalline waters of  FLONA – Jamaraqua, where we will have a delicious picnic of fresh fruits with watermelon, pineapple, banana, passion fruit, orange, apple and coconut.

We will walk to a diverse local craft store, where you will be able to buy rubber artifacts produced by the natives at very affordable prices.

We will do the famous ***  Jamaraquá trail, with local guides, walking 7 km, in a period between 3 or 4 hours, visiting the immense Samaúma tree, observing the Tapajos River from a viewpoint and an explanation of the region’s fauna and flora. Or else we will do a 3 km trail, lasting 1 hour and a half, just walking through the forest.

We will enjoy the sunset on a ***** serene canoe ride in the stream, with many beautiful landscapes. We will spend the night in Jamaraquá with the option of camping in the forest, with a campfire and an orchestra of nocturnal animals, or camping on the beach, observing a beautiful starry sky, or staying in the simple, but comfortable, straw house Nirvana do Tapajos.

Fordlandia Second Day

We will continue sailing along the banks of the Tapajos River passing through Acaratinga, JaguarariPedreira, Piquiatuba, Marituba, Bragança, Tauar, Perim, Taquara, Prainha, Itapiúna, Paraíso, Jatuarana and Itapaiuna,  observing a lot of natural beauty, making short stops for diving and interaction with nature before arriving at the charming “Refuge of Dreams”.

We will camp with a bonfire and a wild dinner on the beach of the ****** Refuge of Dreams, a magnificent property by the visionary Mr. Júlio Bentes where you will be impressed by its detailed stories and works.

Fordlandia Third day

Shall we daydream during the day? The fantastic Refuge of Dreams has this name for several special reasons, and it can be mentioned that it shelters and protects various types of animals, which walk around the property quietly. It also refreshing streams, two fish tanks made by the hands of Mr. Julius own (a true story of resilience and creativity), fruit orchards, beaches and the  trail,  used by the famous  Marathon da Selva (Jungle Marathon).

After lunch we are already going with a beautiful baggage in memory and with good expectations of what lies ahead. After all, Fordlandia is waiting for us for a very important mission…

After lunch we are already going with a beautiful baggage in memory and with good expectations of what lies ahead. After all, Fordlandia is waiting for us for a very important mission…

Fordlandia Fourth day

Where there is a date, there is always magic! Fordlandia does its part here. You already have the important mission of functioning as a time machine, bringing bright colors to structures that defy time and keep the history of thousands of people within them. We will do the ******** City tour of Fordlandia  getting to know the city, including what emerged after the aforementioned episodes, visiting the remains of Henry Ford’s presence in the Amazon, including the unmistakable steel water tank that stands out about the village and that guaranteed the water supply of the former residents.

The huge ruined shed, inside which we found machinery and even trucks from the 1930s Ford Motor Company, is another beautiful history lesson on the spot. We will also pass through a mall along which some of the original houses of the Americans of that time still stand, in addition to other warehouses used for storing the syringe and which, currently, are subdivided into boxes and function as a kind of market. Fordlandia is a place to be visited by the historical context, in order to try to feel in the skin what this misadventure of Henry Ford was. His misfortune that turned into an adventure of ours!

Fordlandia Fifth day

On the way back to Alter do Chao we will have some strategic stops for rest and bathing, with the last season at sunset on the Tapajos River to make a retrospective of what we saw, lived, felt and learned in this unforgettable personalized tour through Selvagem Tours…

We love what we do and, therefore, our tours are unique and differentiated. You will be with professionals who will make all the difference on your trip…

We highly recommend making your reservations in advance, as our tours are EXCLUSIVE and of a high demand.

Information about Tour

CAT “Alter do Chao Tourist Assistance Center”
5 Days
09:00 Hours
10:00 Hours
19:00 Hours
Portuguese, English, French, Russian and Spanish

In all our tours we offer free of charge for your comfort and well-being:

Tour guide, beach service, water, ice, fresh fruit and beer “on the speed boats”, caipirinhas Brazilian drinks” on the wooden boats”.



Due to the natural change in the water level, attractions and locations may be altered, always maintaining the quality and standard of all tours.

We can customize this adventure to your taste, need or number of days. To guarantee your place on the vessel, make your reservation (s) in advance.


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*** Trail is optional. Cost of R$ 100.00 per group of 5 people (R$ 20.00 per person) with the option of extending the trail

to the stream for the cost of an additional R$ 50.00 for the group (R$ 30.00 per person) paid directly to the

Jamaraquáa community.

**** Lunch is optional. Cost from R$ 25.00 to R$ 30.00 per person paid directly to the native house.

***** Canoe ride is optional. Cost of R$ 50.00 per group of 5 people (R$ 10.00 per person) paid directly to

the Jamaraqua community.

****** Refuge of Dreams. Cost of R$ 50.00 per person for lunch, trail and use of private property.

******* Fordlandia. Cost of accommodation at the only inn in the city (American inn)

******** Fordlandia City tour. Cost of R$ 50.00 per person