FLONA Jamaraqua

Eco tourism in the amazon. Fantastic tour with jungle track, canoe ride, handicrafts, indigenous cuisine and campfire on the beach.


Eco tourism in the amazon. FLONA Janaraqua is a fabulous tour with countless attractions, great beauty and a unique learning opportunity. For us at Selvagem Tours, FLONA Jamaraqua is a pleasant “trip” that we explore several beaches, attractions and communities before arriving in Jamaraqua. We are the first company to leave on this tour and the last to return (presently what for others is a simple “destination”, for us is quite different experience).


we customized our Eco tourism in the amazon “FLONA Jamaraqua” tour as follows: we leave Alter do Chao, southbound on the Tapajos River, passing by the Jacunda lake and Mureta beach, where you can take pictures of the beach and the clear waters of the Tapajos River.

Eco tourism in the amazon will continue to the Jurucuri lake and the historic Pindobal beach, where you will learn about the history of rubber in the Amazon and witness remnants of that important time (era) in the history of Brazil.

We will appreciate the beautiful beaches of Cajutuba with our first stop at the beaches of Cajutuba / Aramanaí to take pictures and enjoy a refreshing swim. We will continue to the Santo Domingo coves and the beautiful dunes of Maguari with our second stop and opportunity for beautiful photos.

Next stop FLONA Jamaraqua (We will go directly to the charming stream of Jamaraqua with crystal clear waters, countless fish and a lot of beauty where we will have a delicious picnic of fresh fruits with “watermelon, pineapple, banana, passion fruit, orange, apple and coconut”

We will walk to a great local craft store where you can buy rubber artifacts produced by the natives at very affordable prices. We will do the famous (***) Jamaraqua Trail with local guides walking 9.1 km in 3-4 hours, visiting the immense Samauma tree and observing the Tapajos River from the top of a mountain with an unforgettable view of the region’s fauna and flora.

Also available is a 3 km 1.5-hour trail just walking through the forest. (****) Native lunch – Do you still remember your grandmother’s food? YEA? This will be the taste and quality of your delicious native lunch with fish, free-range chicken and other delicacies.

After enjoying the native cuisine of Jamaraqua, we will enjoy the sunset on a (*****) Serene canoe ride on the stream with many beautiful landscapes concluding our stay in FLONA Jamaraqua.


We will return to Alter do Chão sailing under a starry sky having taken a different, pleasant and personalized tour with our customers in mind. We strive to deliver the most satisfactory service possible. Quite simply, we never forget that you are important.


Welcome to Eco tourism in the amazon…

Eco tourism in the amazon
Unforgettable 2-day tour option

You also have the option of taking this tour in 2 days, being able to camp in the forest with a campfire and an orchestra of nocturnal animals, camp on the beach with a campfire and taste a piracaia (fish roasted in the wild) watching a beautiful starry sky and sleeping in our boat or staying at the riverside, in the straw house Nirvana do Tapajos. We will return to Alter do Chão the next day after a delicious native lunch and a visit to Pindobal beach.

Tour Photos – Eco tourism in the amazon FLONA Jamaraqua

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We highly recommend making your reservations for our Eco tourism in the amazon in advance, as our tours are EXCLUSIVE and of a high demand.

Tour Information

CAT “Alter do Chao Tourist Assistance Center”
1 or 2 day
09:00 Hours
10:00 Hours
19:00 Hours
Portuguese, English, French, Russian and Spanish

In all our tours we offer free of charge for your comfort and well-being:

Tour guide, beach service, water, ice, fresh fruit and beer “on the speed boats”, caipirinhas Brazilian drinks” on the wooden boats”.



Due to the natural change in the water level, attractions and locations may be altered, always maintaining the quality and standard of all tours.

We can customize this adventure to your taste, need or number of days. To guarantee your place on the vessel, make your reservation (s) in advance.


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*** Trail is optional. Cost of R$ 100.00 per group of 5 people (R$ 20.00 per person) with the option of extending the trail to the igarapé for the cost of an additional R$ 50.00 for the group (R$ 30.00 per person) paid directly to the Jamaraqua community.

**** Lunch is optional. Cost from R $ 25.00 to R$ 30.00 per person paid directly to the native house.

***** Canoe ride is optional. Cost of R$ 50.00 per group of 5 people (R$ 10.00 per person) paid directly to the Jamaraqua community.