Alter do Chão Incredible

Boat tours in Santarem and Alter do Chao. Live the best sights in an exclusive tours, with a lot of beauty, joy and emotion.


For us at Selvagem Tours, the tourists must receive the best tours that Boat tours in Santarem and Alter do Chao has to offer. For this philosophy and mentality, we personalized our exclusive and unmissable ALTER DO CHAO INCREDIBLE tour so that you, our customer, can discover the 10 best sights and attractions of Alter do Chão in a unique way, full of joy and satisfaction.



Green Lake


Love Island


Piraoca mountain


Muretá lake and beach


Jurucuri lake


Pindobal beach


Piranhas lake


Moça beach


Crocodile lake and beach


Cururu beach

Boat tours in Santarem and Alter do Chao.


We started our tour in Alter do Chao exploring the wonderful (1) Green lake composed of 14 springs where we find the (***) (2) Enchanted forest, the place of our first stop to swim in a crystal-clear waters with countless fish and take a beautiful canoe rid through the Enchanted forest, where we will watch birds by the lake and, with a little luck, we will be able to see monkeys and sloths on the island of Tilheiro.

Love island

We will visit (3) Love island, sailing slowly on both sides of the island to take pictures and enjoy our beautiful postcard.

Muretá lake and beach

We will continue our adventure passing by Jacundá lake and stopping at (4) Muretá lake and beach where you will visit the lake, walk along the beaches and swim directly in the clear waters of the Tapajós River.

Jurucuri lake and Pindobal beach

We will continue to (5) Jurucuri lake and to the historic beach of (6) Pindobal where you will learn about the history of rubber in the Amazon and witness the remnants of this important era in the history of Brazil. You will also have 2 hours free to enjoy an Amazonian lunch with tasty local fish, meat and free-range chicken.

Piranha lake

We will continue to (7) Piranha lake, name given for containing real piranhas of various sizes, where we will slowly navigate for photos of the lake and the Piraoca mountain.

Moça beach and Crocodile lake

We will proceed to the beautiful (8) Moça beach, our favorite stop, where we will have a delicious picnic with fresh fruits: watermelon, pineapple, banana, passion fruit, orange, apple and coconut. The ideal setting for dating, taking pictures, walking on very white sand, playing on giant rocks and swimming on a beach that looks like the sea.

Has Selvagem Tours convinced you to participate in the best tour in Alter do Chao? No? OK, we have even more! We will sail to (9) Crocodile lake and beach, one of the most beautiful places in the region, where nature is still in balance and harmony with otters, alligators, turtles and a lot of beauty. You will have a few minutes of peace in this sensational place to reflect, meditate and think about the beautiful stops we made during the day (note: one of the sets of the children’s film TAINÁ III, more precisely the scene of the final battle in the film, was at the banks of the crocodile lake and, look, you will be there!).

Cururu beach

We will conclude our exclusive and UNFORGETTABLE tour in Alter do Chao at (10) Cururu beach, where countless boats anchor to watch a fabulous sunset, on a wonderful beach with sand dunes that stretch for tens of meters inside the Tapajos River… Ideal time for you to enjoy nature with the company that watches over and cherishes you, offering the best tours in Alter do Chao.

Tour Fotos

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We highly recommend making your reservations in advance, as our tours are EXCLUSIVE and of a high demand.

Boat tours in Santarem and Alter do Chao. Information about Tour

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In all our tours we offer free of charge for your comfort and well-being:

Tour guide, beach service, water, ice, fresh fruit and beer “on the speed boats”, caipirinhas Brazilian drinks” on the wooden boats”.


Due to the natural change in the water level, attractions and locations may be altered, always maintaining the quality and standard of all tours.

We can customize this adventure to your taste, need or number of days. To guarantee your place on the vessel, make your reservation (s) in advance.

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(***) (2) Enchanted forest, R$ 60.00 per canoe for 5 people.