Boat accommodations

Have you ever thought about "feeling" the night, instead of just going through it?


Boat accommodations in Santarem and Alter do Chao, you go beyond an overnight stay … It is an unforgettable night experience.



Now, imagine yourself having an elegant and comfortable boat, which will just be the beginning of an eccentric and incomparable night. This is what we are talking about, because if you stay in our boats, you go beyond an overnight stay … It is an unforgettable night experience, in fact, the differential experience of Boat accommodations in Santarem and Alter do Chao.


Your reservation involves much more than a room. It is the reserve of the sophisticated, distinguished and complete boat from Alter do Chao, which will be your home on the days you are here.

Sleep with nature

The upper level is a terrace, the length of the boat, with lazy chairs and beach beds. Yes, you will finally have that encounter face to face with the stars, with the infinity as a cover and even being able to sleep in the open. The deck is a cozy and spacious room, with sofas, hammocks, chairs suspended from the ceiling and a refined bar, with a tasteful touch to this experience. The lower level houses the cabins with double beds that are suspended from the ceiling for convenience, safety and satisfaction…

Boat accommodation in Santarem & Alter do Chao

What, in itself, is already a very interesting proposal, gains more intensity when you discover that you can go further. That’s right, you can spend the night on a deserted beach, to walk, swim and feel the night being completely and totally yours. In addition, you also have the option of spending the night at the Green Lake, the most beautiful and fascinating lake of Alter do Chao, in which we can feel the atmosphere of the forest with its impressive sounds, nocturnal animals and the smell of adventure. Now, if you want to romanticize, nothing better than staying overnight at the Love Island, watching the lights of the village of Alter do Chao.


I know, you may not even want to sleep, and if so, I guarantee that the sun will reward you for deciding to receive it: dawn brings all the splendor of nature in an unusual place. So, to start, another day in paradise!  Certainly, the satisfaction of having booked your different night was simply the key point for your vacation to be unforgettable.


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Boat accommodations in Santarem and Alter do Chao

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