Arapiuns River

Attractions in Santarem and Alter do Chao. Arapiuns River Beautiful cultural tour with great beauty, beaches, handicrafts and fascinating communities living in harmony with nature.


Attractions in Santarem and Alter do Chao. The Arapiuns River is an unparalleled adventure for its lush margins of rock formations, its beautiful deserted white beaches and long sand dunes that stretch for tens of meters. In this wonderful scenario, we find communities that manually produce their own straw crafts using seeds and roots for coloring and decoration, as well as communities that create turtles, bees, fish, in addition to practicing international ecotourism.


We will leave Alter do Chão in a northerly direction, passing by Piranhas lake with our first photo shoot in the Cururu beach. We will start our adventure by crossing the Tapajos River, passing by Vila Franca community and entering the Arapiuns River.

On  the Arapiuns River, our first stop will be on the rough diamond discovered by us Selvagem Tours: the community of Urucurea, which, in a nutshell, is a wonderful cove that is subdivided into 3 arms of water, providing an unparalleled view and thus showing the potential of the newest tourist destination in the region. We can highlight the picturesque church, which is outside the community, built on top of a hill. We will visit the property of Mr. Jose and family, which will show the talent of the native ladies in making handcrafted pieces made with mastery and a lot of talent. One of the entertainment options is that we can witness (***) the preparation and making of handicrafts (a true cultural show), in which those who participate receive valuable knowledge about the arts and history of the Arapiuns River. And now a Wild surprise! They have a monkey, toucan and other animals on their property that can be photographed in close-up, that is, with and on you!

The first option for those who want to enjoy nature and enhance your trip, is to visit the community on a (****) very interesting trail , due to the fact that it continues bordering the cove, counting, round trip, two and a half kilometers (easy, quiet thing , which can be performed in sneakers or even sandals), which takes around an hour and a half. On the way, we can take a brief break for a refreshing swim, some daring photos and continue. And, of course, we will be able to see birds, monkeys of various species, lizards and much more. A pretty wild experience, huh?

For customers who prefer less movement and more observation, we offer the (*****) Tour of the community in a wooden boat or canoe, quietly exploring the 3 arms of water, overlooking an original flour house and the such a church at the top of the hill.

We can also take the (******) Tour of the beaches around the community, to be done in the wooden boat or canoe, visiting beautiful pristine beaches and ideal for an invigorating bath.

After enjoying so much life, so many emotions and so much learning, it’s time to go back there with your José, it’s time for lunch! You will taste the Amazon in a (*******) native lunch prepared by the magical hands of Mrs. Neuzinha, with fresh fish, free-range chicken and, sometimes, different meats, not to mention the fantastic scenery where the lunch is served. In addition to filling the stomach it is also filling the eyes! After that, just lying and packing on that hammock, enjoying the breeze and understanding the value of life …


Due to the notorious potential in the medium and long term that the community offers as a tourist destination, Selvagem Tours already sees several new leisure options, which will soon be available. Among them, we can mention: a new trail to the Amazon River, camping in the woods, bonfires on the beach, fishing, visiting the flower house.

Regarding the structure and logistics, there is a projection of transfer by canoe, boat, motorcycle and car, as well as accommodation in hammocks, boats or houses.

Okay, you already rested after that wonderful lunch and enjoyed the momentum of the hammock, but now let’s move on, right?

We will continue along the rocky banks of the Arapiuns River to our favorite stop, the fascinating Toronó dunes and Grat lake. It is difficult to describe exactly what you will find, but, frankly, it is at least something sensational to see how nature builds havens. Life immediately becomes wonderful when you witness places like these … We will walk through sand dunes, which stretch for tens of meters, dividing the Arapiuns River into a large lake, with dozens of birds flying over our heads and porpoises showing their fins. Yes, life is beautiful. Our idea is to present you with a picnic with fresh fruits like watermelon, pineapple, banana, passion fruit, orange, apple and coconut. Take advantage of the memory and register, as it is a very good place for photos and dives in crystal clear waters.

After that, we will continue to Icuxi beach, to see the sunset, perfect time to remember everything that happened, in a day that will remain in your mind and heart for the rest of your life.

After sunset we will return to Alter do Chão, sailing under a clear and starry sky of memories.

Selvagem Tours understands that you are the reason for our tours and that is why we do everything with the utmost care and attention …

Surprising option to take the tour in 2 days

They say that one is little and two is good. But if just one day is already wonderful, imagine what it would be like to spend two days having incredible experiences? Well, Selvagem Tours is prepared to offer you a trip with double sensations!

In the mode of the two-day tour, after visiting the paradise of Torono, instead of going back to Alter do Chão, we will continue our trip to spend the night at Ponta Grande beach, one of the most beautiful points that even covers three quarters of the river, place in which your eyes and senses will marvel at beauty and tranquility, perfect elements to meditate and ponder our lives. Now we are going to feel the Wild side: a fire by the beach, with that roasted fish and a lot of good conversation. Courtesy of us, your satisfaction! At bedtime, you choose whether you want to stay on the beach by the fire or in our comfortable and safe boats.

Leaving Ponta Grande, we will extend the trip to the community of (********) Coroca, where we will appreciate the creation of turtles, bees and world-class ecotourism, including a handicrafts store. At your discretion is the option of having a delicious (*********) native lunch with free-range chicken and fresh fish. It’s almost over, which is a shame, but sailing is necessary, so, let’s do it!

We return to Alter do Chão, but first we will stop at UCUXI beach, a place that is used a lot at the end of the year parties, being held New Year’s Eve, as it is a place of great prominence. Continuing, we will arrive at sunset at Cururu beach. Get ready for another great encounter with peace, as there is one of her homes.

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Attractions in Santarem and Alter do Chao

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Due to the natural change in the water level, attractions and locations may be altered, always maintaining the quality and standard of all tours.

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(***) Urucurea – preparation and making of handicrafts (cultural show) R$ 50.00 Per group of 5 people
(****) Urucurea – trail bordering the cove R$ 15.00 Per person
(*****) Urucurea – Community tour in a wooden boat or canoe R$ 20.00 Per person
(******) Urucurea – Tour of the beaches around the community R$ 15.00 Per person
(*******) Urucurea – Native lunch R$ 25.00 to R$ 30.00 Per person
(********) Coroca – Tour of the creation of turtles, bees and craft shop R$ 20.00 per person
(*********) Coroca – Native lunch R$ 30.00 Per person

Attractions in Santarem and Alter do Chao