Receptive in Alter do Chao

Receptive in Alter do Chao is now available and of international standards, we can and will make you feel at home with security and comfortable.Receptive in Alter do Chao


Receptive in Alter do Chao


Selvagem Tours manages the best Receptive services in Alter do Chão and the amazon, providing quality and truly differentiated services of international standard at competitive prices; we speak English, Russian, Spanish, French and Portuguese.


Selvagem Tours is certified  by and registered with Cadastur “the highest federal tourism entity in Brazil”, among many others distinct organizations. We provide professional tourism services for all international companies and tourists visiting the amazon.


Selvagem Tours “Receptive in Alter do Chao” is able to meet all customers’ needs being small, medium or large; we have the experience, local knowledge and equipment to provide you with an easy and pleasurable stay. We constantly update our fleet and we are very keen in the services we provided to establish a transparent relationship with our customers; we want you to experience unforgettable moments and enjoy the wealth and culture of the region.


We can professionally and efficiently assist you in all your traveling plans throughout the amazons and specially Alter do Chão, we have been for years cultivating strong friendships with key businesses and individuals in the region. Among many services we provide you find boat tours, canoeing, fishing, jungle trails, wild camping, interaction with dolphins, alligator spotting, piranha fishing, bar and lounge, accommodations and our exclusive concierge service that is unmatched throughout Brazil.


We strive to deliver a personalized service always going an extra step; we are committed to the notion of quality bringing you only the best. We are motivated by aspiration and innovation, resourcefulness and access tailoring our service to your specific needs. Quite simply, we never forget that you are important


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Receptive in Alter do ChaoReceptive in Alter do ChaoReceptive in Alter do Chao


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