Best tours in the amazon

Best tours in the amazonThe Best tours in the amazon is located in Alter do Chao! Selvagem Tours provides quality receptive and tours services for the international market.


Best tours in the amazon


The best tours in the amazon you will find in Alter do Chão… There are numerous beautiful beach in and around the area; Selvagem Tours explored carefully 200 km around Alter do Chão to select only the best sights available. We customized a truly differentiated experience that is out of the monotony and uniformity of the local tourism.


We take great pride and pleasure in the attractions we offer to our clients and above all the way we present them. A great example of the quality of our tour is “Alter do Chão Incredible” in this single tour you will see 10 attractions in a single day: Green Lake, Morro da piraoca, island of love, Jacunda Lake, Mureta beach, Jurucuri Lake, Pindobal, Alligator beach & Lake and the cururu tip.


Alter do Chão is a very unique and gorgeous place, there are no roads or access to this attractions; it is necessary that you have a good company for you to make the most of your visit to Alter do Chão. We also have outstanding and unforgettable tours including only the best attractions such as Alter do Chão incredibleFlona – JamaraquáArapiuns RiverAmorimAruã WaterfallFordlândiaJari Canal, Encounter of the WatersMaica LakeMoon Beach & Caipirinhas and Sunset Party. “For more details click in the tours or visit our boat tours page


With Selvagem Tours as your company in Alter do Chão, you will have all our experience and knowledge working for you. We can plan everything for your better stay, you will see more in less time, will have security, you will have professionals in case of unforeseen surprises and a company that can and will make you feel you at home.


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