Alter do Chão Brazil Info

Alter do Chão Brazil Info

Alter do Chão Brazil Info. All info necessary for your traveling. Alter do Chão is a destination with a lot of beauty and activities, be well informed.




Alter do Chão Brazil Info


Selvagem Tours is more than just a tour company; we constantly strive to learn more service options, provide better service, invest in better equipment and above all provide the tourist industry with greater professionalism and quality services. In a constant effort, we have accumulated valuable and indispensable information we can provide to all tourists visiting Alter do Chão Brazil.


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We also offer City Tours, diving, scenic flights, horse riding, canoeing, ecotourism and survival courses in the jungle


We also have outstanding and unforgettable tours including only the best attractions such as Alter do Chão incredibleFlona – JamaraquáArapiuns RiverAmorimAruã WaterfallFordlândiaJari Canal, Encounter of the WatersMaica LakeMoon Beach & Caipirinhas and Sunset Party. “For more details click in the tours or visit our boat tours page


Selvagem Tours leads the tourism industry in Alter do Chao Brazil with reliability, confidentiality and excellent services. We are a complete receptive/concierge/tour company with strong international experience providing all our services in English, Russian, Spanish, French and Portuguese.


Selvagem Tours is certified by and registered with Cadastur “the highest federal tourism entity in Brazil”, among many others distinct organizations. We provide professional tourism services for all international companies and tourists visiting the amazon.


With Selvagem Tours as your company in Alter do Chão, you will have all our experience and knowledge working for you. We can plan everything for your better stay, you will see more in less time, will have security, you will have professionals in case of unforeseen surprises and a company that can and will make you feel you at home


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Receptive in Alter do Chão and the amazonReceptive in Alter do Chão and the amazonReceptive in Alter do Chão and the amazon


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